Bill MacKinnon

Nationality: British

Language: English

Experience: Bill has been flying balloons for 20 years. He has flown in many European countries, India, Sri Lanka, Dubai, Syria, Mongolia, Australia and New Zealand, to name but a few.  He is Chief Pilot for Golden Eagle Ballooning and has been flying in Myanmar since 2012, in Bagan, Mandalay, Inle Lake, Pindaya and Ngapali.

Bagan is now a UNESCO world heritage site. After so many years flying balloons here I still don’t know of a better way to see this amazing landscape than by hot air balloon!

Urs Meyer

Nationality: Swiss

Language: Swiss German, German and English

Experience: Urs has been ballooning for 8 years and has flown in Switzerland and Myanmar. He has been flying in Bagan, Myanmar since 2013. He is Chief Engineer for Golden Eagle Ballooning, with responsibility for maintaining the balloons and equipment to the highest standard required by the European manufacturer and the Myanmar DCA.

When I’m not working in Bagan I enjoy travelling by motorcycle in Myanmar, enjoying the amazing variety of cultures, scenery and generous friendly people.

Rene Ramel

Nationality: Swiss (French)

Language: French, German, English

Experience: Coming from Château-d’Oex, Switzerland (a spot known worldwide for ballooning in the Swiss Alps) Rene became involved very young in the ballooning world. He started by building paper balloons, then radio-controlled balloons and replicas of real size hot-air balloons. At 16 years he started his official training and got his license when he was 17. Rene has flown in his beautiful Swiss Alps as well as France, England, Morocco and Canada. Rene made a national altitude record in May 1998, reaching 11’440 m.(38’133 ft). He also loves night flying…which gives another dimension to it all!!!

Flying in Bagan, Myanmar is also something very particular with all these amazing Buddhist temples, unique sunrises and this lovely people. Definitely something to put on the “to do list” of anyone’s lifetime.

Nick Dunnington

Nationality: British

Language: English

Experience: Nick is a second generation pilot from Bristol, England. Ballooning has been part of his life ever since his Dad took him on a flight at 6 weeks old. Flying being his hobby as well as his job, Nick has been lucky enough to fly all over the world. Amongst his favourite places are the Swiss Alps, his home city of Bristol and of course over the beautiful temples of Bagan.

My favourite things about Bagan are flying our guests side by side with my pilot friends, the fantastically friendly locals and the beautiful sunsets.

Jason Adams

Nationality: Canadian

Language: English

Experience: Jason is a Canadian pilot with extensive flying experience, both in competitions and commercially. His first balloon flight was as a two-year-old with his father. Jason became a commercial pilot in 1993 and today he has flown over 3100 hours. In addition Jason is a balloon flight instructor and the current Canadian Balloon Champion. He holds 8 licenses and validations from around the world. This will be his 5th season flying in Myanmar. He has also flown in countries such as Kenya, Tanzania, Canada, USA, Japan, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Brazil, Spain, UK, Slovenia and the UAE.

I’m happy to tell stories to my passengers, not only of my knowledge on Bagan, but of my experiences around the world. You will be well entertained!

Adrian Kriesi

Nationality: Swiss

Language: English, German, French and Spanish

Experience: Adrian has been flying balloons professionally for 24 years. He is from Switzerland, but is based in France during the summer months. He has spent his winter seasons in various ballooning locations around the globe, including: The Swiss Alps; Australia; Egypt; Mexico; Chili; and for the last few years, in amazing Bagan.

Bagan is certainly one of the top most famous and amazing spots in the world for visitors to experience a balloon flight.

Blake Flynn

Nationality: Australian

Language: English

Experience: Blake has more than 30 years ballooning experience and has flown in excess of 2,500 flights and is now experiencing the magical adventures of flying in Bagan during the flying season. Blake’s other area of expertise is balloon maintenance, so when he is not flying, he can often be found in the workshop ensuring that the balloons are maintained to the highest standards required by the European manufacturer.

I first saw a balloon as an eight-year-old child when my father took me to a balloon fiesta in Australia. We were both captivated by these colourful, fire breathing balloons that adorned the morning sky. In the years following, we both learned to fly balloons.

Markham Boston

Nationality: Australian

Language: English

Experience: Markham has flown in some pretty terrific spots around the world, but his favourite by far is right here in Bagan. It's easy to see why, as the breath-taking views of this World Heritage site unfold around him each morning. The sunrise is even more awe inspiring as the famous sunsets here. The Temples seem to shimmer each morning for one beautiful 'Golden Hour'.

As Leonardo Da Vinci said "…once you have tasted flight you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skywards, for there you have been and there you will long to return."

JP Lemaire

Nationality: Canadian

Language: English, French

Experience: J.P. discovered his passion for ballooning in 1998 and has since earned over 2500 hours as pilot-in-command in Canada, the U.S., Myanmar and Kenya. After twelve years flying over the amazing wildlife of the Masai Mara, Kenya, J.P. now spends half the year in Nova Scotia, Canada with his wife and three sons, where he owns and operates his own balloon company. He trades Canadian winters for Bagan.

I enjoy watching the sunrise light up the ancient temples while sharing the skies with other balloons.